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We are always happy to discuss your ideas and potential projects with you and can provide the full range of architectural services in line with the RIBA Plan of Work. To talk further about how we could work together, book a free consultant with us and we can explain the whole process in detail to you. The RIBA also produces a guide to Working with an Architect for you Home which is very helpful and will answer a lot of your questions. The health and safety executive also provides essential guidance that sets out your duties as a client under the CDM regulations.

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RIBA stage 1

Once the building survey has been undertaken, we will take your brief and look at how best this can be achieved. We will look at initial design options and ideas to see how we could deliver your project. The study can range from a simple conceptual design through to an in-depth feasibility study, depending on the scale and complexity of your project. This stage sets the direction and ethos of the project.

At this stage we will also advise which other consultants you will need, and we will identify any necessary statutory approvals required. We will also agree a project timescale and initial budget.


RIBA stage 2

Based on the initial project brief, we will work up a concept design. We work using 2D drawings and 3D models, preparing computer visualizations and looking at case studies, where needed, to help explain our ideas. If pre-application discussions with the local authority are needed, we will engage with them at this stage. We will agree external finishes and materials with you so you fully understand how your project will work and how it looks and feels. We will also look at the buildability of the project to ensure that the design can be built safely and practically.

This stage crystallizes your aspirations for the project, providing you with a comprehensive proposal that meets your project brief.


RIBA stage 3

During this stage, we will work up the design to a level suitable for a planning application. We will advise you of all the necessary reports and surveys which will need to be undertaken in line with any requirements set out by the local authority planning department. We will also advise on planning strategy to get the best outcomes from any application. We will also begin coordinating the designs of other consultants to develop the design.


RIBA stage 4

At this stage, we will prepare detailed technical drawings and specifications to put together a comprehensive pack of information for tender. We will also be fully coordinated with other consultants. This information enables the project to be accurately priced by a quantity surveyor prior to building the project. We will prepare the tender information and help select the best contractor for the project.


RIBA stage 5

Once the preferred contractor is selected, we will act as the contract administrator on the project. This includes conducting regular inspections, addressing any inquiries or concerns, issuing instructions, monitoring on-site progress, valuing the works, and certifying payments that are due to the builder. For larger projects we would ensure that valuations are undertaken by a Quantity Surveyor and would also ensure that a dedicated project manager is appointed.


RIBA stage 6

Once the project reaches the handover stage, we will issue any completion certificates and prepare the final account. Following the project handover, we remain in contact with you during the defects period, resolving any outstanding issues that may arise. I will also arrange the certification of the final payment, ensuring a satisfactory conclusion to your project.


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