QMUL Engineering West Foyer

  • Project Type: Education
  • Client: Queen Mary University London
  • Status: Design
  • Location: London

Design Approach

The design incorporates the existing terrazzo floor, giving it a much needed clean and repair, we propose new grey/black grouting be inlaid to replace the white. This approach reduces the visual impact the floor currently has on the space. We have re designed the floor space to introduce a designated area for the reception using a colourful resin floor.

A cladded reception waiting area creates a separate section in the space and also a focal point. Some of the cladding becomes strips of LED light that runs from floor to ceiling, accompanied by a series of sculptural wall lamps.

A red strip flows through the foyer from the new entrance doors and glazing, wrapping around the reception area, across the floor and into the hallway off to the left towards the lift and toilets.

The staircase will be repainted white with a new floor laid across the treads and risers. This will create a uniform look across the foyer as you move up the stairs.

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