• Project Type: Residential
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Surrey

This imposing traditional house in Kingswood Surrey has been extended and transformed to resolve both the visual connection to its beautiful garden and internal natural daylighting.

We suggested a complete visual overhaul of the entire rear façade, to both visually unite and maximise natural daylight to all the rooms facing the garden at both levels.

Selection of materials

The project is realised from a carefully selected palette of natural materials. Vertically, minimal framed doors form a large continuous, openable, glazed wall. The extended terrace is supported on brick clad columns and beams to form the colonnade with a soffit lined in beautifully crafted stripped teak.

Above, a frameless glazed balcony panel system provides a minimally visual termination to the terrace. This careful selection of materials completes the detailing in a calm, crisp, and exquisitely detailed manner.

Proportion and depth

At ground floor the rear extension to the kitchen creates a stunning new dining area that directly faces onto the garden enjoying 8 metre continuous and uninterrupted sliding glazed doors. Above, the flat roof forms a huge terrace enjoyed by all the rear facing bedrooms.

The extended terrace is supported by a continuous covered brick colonnade to proportionally balance the elevation and provides shading to the continuous expanse of south facing glazed doors below.

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