Observatory Close

  • Project Type: Residential
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Oxfordshire

The extension forms a new and purposefully understated addition to the streetscape within this historic village.

The existing property, Squire House, is a Grade II listed cottage dating back to the 16th century. We were approached by the clients to extend the existing small, dark kitchen in a sensitive manner. Our approach was to minimise the massing by embedding the extension into the garden which reduced the visual impact of the building against the context of its heritage setting.

Preserving the Heritage

Careful attention was given to the flint banding on the existing house which was considered to be the most important and rare heritage feature by the local Conservation Officer.

This flint banding formed a natural theme to extend the new extension as a horizontal strip with snapped flint framing the timber framed glazed doors. This was built using traditional working methods by a local stone mason who applied a personal, tactile and handmade crafted finish to the walls.

Attention to Detail

A vertical timber shading feature acts as a delicate termination to the roof edge. The frameless glass link delicately connects the extension to the original building and carefully fits below the existing windows and flint banding.

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