• Project Type: Commercial
  • Client: NuGen
  • Status: Shortlisted
  • Location: Cumbria

Our RIBA Competition entry for the design of an office building at the Moorside nuclear power station site, a visitor centre and an accommodation masterplan for the nearby Mirehouse site was shortlisted with five other finalists.

The masterplan for the Mirehouse site was designed as an extension of the existing community with new transport, community and leisure facilities. Our design explored a flexible model of temporary housing for the construction workers of the power station which could be expanded and adapted easily. By developing a simple initial building block which could be constructed off-site, we were able to offer an innovative model for future developments.

Designing for the future

We designed the buildings to be transformed into permanent housing during a legacy phase after the completion of the power station construction.

The community is designed with generous landscaped areas and green open spaces in anticipation of a reduction in private self-driven car use in the future, a concept we furthered in our submission for the RIBA Gasholder Bases competition the following year.

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