Maidstone Light Walk

  • Project Type: Public
  • Client: Maidstone Borough Council
  • Status: Design
  • Location: Maidstone


The aim of this project is to create a more engaging and safer space along the river front in this interesting historic part of Maidstone Town.

The following is to be met, more lighting to create a safer space and reduce anti social behaviour, connecting sites together to create a seamless journey through this area of the town, create more of an attraction to encourage more footfall and a solution to the flooding pathway.


The History of Maidstone and its environs goes as far back as Mesolithic times. It has seen settlement by the Romans and the Normans and played a role in pivotal moments of English history such as the Peasants’ Revolt and the English Civil War. The site had special significance with the waterways and famous paintings of the bridge.

There is a vast history of people and civilisations passing through Maidstone. We want the proposal to reflect this idea of a journey and taking moments to observe the sites of the Archbishops Palace by creating viewing points to reflect on our history and enjoy the new phase of the journey.

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