Maidstone Bus Station

  • Project Type: Public
  • Client: Maidstone Borough Council
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Maidstone

The Brief

Maidstone Borough Council is working with stakeholders to progress improvement works to the Bus Station at The Mall in Maidstone town centre. The station is currently run down and in need of refurbishment. The Council is looking to radically enhance the Bus Station environment and operations to improve its efficiency, attractiveness to passengers and increase bus patronage.

Modest Budget

Specifically the purpose of the project is to understand the options available to achieve the project brief within the budget available and deliver the most suitable solution. We aim to improve the safe and efficient movement of buses through the facility whilst also minimising conflicts between bus and pedestrian movements. To enhance the pedestrian and vehicular gateways to the facility in terms of accessibility, safety and aesthetics.

Our Aims

We look to  improve perceptions of user safety and security, e.g. by improving environmental quality, increasing the level of natural surveillance (especially in the evenings). To provide a more user friendly facility with readily available information about transport and Maidstone town centre, in both physical and electronic formats. To improve integration between the bus station, the Mall shopping area and Sainsbury’s. To create an attractive facility for passengers to encourage public transport usage thereby increasing passenger numbers. Lastly, To improve accessibility and to upgrade the facility to current DDA guidelines, BS 8300 and Part M of the building regulations.


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