Home Office

  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Surrey

A home office in Reigate, Surrey, has been designed to showcase to clients what is offered as a practice: design that is rewarding, affordable, buildable and inspiring.

It incorporates many of the features we encourage to be included when discussing projects with our clients; a strategy of natural ventilation, thermal mass and an abundance of natural daylight.

Contemporary design

Internally, the steel frame has been left exposed. White plastered walls and ceilings and a light resin floor emphasise the bright and spacious feel of the open office space. The play of light in the space and on the surfaces of the mateirals continually changes with the weather, the time of day and across the seasons.


The positions and orientation of the extensive glazing encourages passive solar gain in winter and prevents overheating in summer. Low-level manually operated vents and high-level electronically controlled glazed louvres enable airflow to be easily managed.

As an office, it encourages a relaxing, comfortable and professional working environment with a permanent and active visual connection to the outside.

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