Fennies Woking

  • Project Type: Education
  • Client: Fennies Day Nurseries
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Woking

Our design has beautifully retrofitted a 120 space nursery school into a Victorian building locally listed as a Building of Townscape Merit in Woking.

The project involved a complete internal reconfiguration and refurbishment of the building which had fallen into disrepair and the redesign of an existing extension built in the 1970s. The scheme sensitively restores and reconfigures the existing building including the derelict 1970s extension, creating a series of generous nursery spaces filled with natural light.

Designing at eye level

A new charred timber façade to the 1970s extension is punctuated with windows at varying heights to allow views of the outside from different perspectives.

Significant consideration was given to the way the young users perceive space, illustrated by the low level timber window seats which ensure even the youngest users of the building can engage with the external spaces.

Developing an architectural brand

Working in close collaboration with Fennies for a series of projects across the South East, we have developed a bespoke brand of high-quality finishes and materials in addition to a recognisable architectural language and palette of materials and finishes.

Enhancing the character

Given the locally listed status of the building, we worked very closely with the local Planning and Conservation Officers to ensure that the proposals would enhance the character of existing building and differentiate the 1970s extension from the Victorian building with a striking contemporary design.

Connection to the garden

Generous glazing at ground level provides a physical and visual connection to the garden and a new terrace at first floor level offers a safe external space for the youngest nursery users, with punched porthole windows through the balustrade.

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