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Embarking on a house renovation, extension or new build project is exciting, but can be a little nerve wracking. Most of our clients haven’t worked with an architect before and thus have lots of questions. We’re here to help, explain and to lead you through the process step by step. Some questions we are often asked are set out below. If you’d like to talk to us, just let us know and we can arrange a consultation with you.

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How do I begin a conversation with you about my project?

Simply arrange a time that suits you and we can speak via teams or on the phone to discuss your project. Following our initial conversation; if you think we’d be a good fit, like how we approach projects and would like us to work with you we can come and visit your house at no cost to discuss you project in more detail. Just click the link above.

How much does a project cost?

Our projects are typically range from anywhere between £100,000 to £500,000 depending on scale and complexity. Some or our very large projects can cost more than this and some smaller, simpler projects can be less. We always tailor the design to suit your project budget.

How do you keep to my budget?

Initially we benchmark projects based on similar recent build costs to give an idea of a budget. We can always involve a cost consult (Quantity Surveyor) who can accurately forecast the specific build cost at any stage of the project if you want more certainty. The cost certainty increases in accuracy with each project stage as the cost consultant has more information to work with.

How long does a typical construction project take?

Typically, we would say 4-6 months on site for a single storey extension and 8-12 months on site for more complex and larger projects involving two storey extensions and full refurbishments of existing buildings.

How much are your fees?

We charge our fees on a stage-by-stage basis, so you are not committed to the whole process right away. At each stage we agree with you if you want to progress. Each stage is fixed before we start. If there are any reasons why fees could possibly increase, we will inform you beforehand to enable you to make informed decisions before we start on additional work. Typically, we change between 8% and 15% of the construction cost depending on the project size. The larger the project the lower the percentage fee.

Who else will be involved in my project?

As well as the architect, you may also need the services of a planning consultant, structural engineer, services engineer or cost consultant. Once we speak to you about your project in more detail, we can let you know who else you will need and what services they will undertake for you.

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